Dimplex air heater model no 6901860800 fuses full

A: Please review the Installation Instructions which came with your fireplace. A: The flame should be a constant smooth flowing flicker. The problem may be:. A: Light should not be visible around the perimeter of the log set. It could be that the log set is not positioned properly in the firebox. A: The heater may emit a slight, harmless odour when first used. This odour is a normal condition caused by initial heating of internal heater parts and will not occur again.

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If the heater has not been in use for some time, the heater may be burning off any dust that may have accumulated while not in operation. If the odour continues while the heat is on you may need to replace the heater assembly. A: Small glowing sections of the elements are normal. If you are finding that larger glowing sections are causing the heater to trip the thermal cutout, then you should disconnect power to the unit and discontinue use.

A: There are three moving parts in the fireplace that could create a noise during operation. If the flicker rod is not rubbing against anything and you still hear a noise, then the flame motor must be changed. A: There could be other appliances on the same circuit as your unit. This could cause too much draw of amperage that is too close or over the maximum breaker amperage. A: The power cord may get slightly warm to touch when the heater is on.

This is normal operation. Should the cord get too hot to touch you must change the cord. If your problem continues here are a few trouble shooting points: Is your unit connected to the proper voltage?

It is possible that there could be a problem with the wiring such as a loose wire causing a dead short and resulting in the breaker tripping or the fuse to blow. Dedicated means no other outlets or fixtures are sharing the same circuit breaker. Always use properly grounded, fused and polarized outlets. Q: Why will my unit not turn on with the hand held remote?For your safety, always comply with all warnings and safety instructions contained in this.

In keeping with our policy of continuous product development, we reserve the right to make changes without notice. Table of Contents. WARNINg: Procedures and techniques which, if not carefully followed, will expose the user to the risk of fire, serious injury, or death.

This remote control has a range of approximately 50 feet Page 4: Maintenance Reach into the opening, locate and examine the bulbs to determine which bulb s require replacement. Unscrew the bulb s counter clockwise. Insert new bulb s. Install the light access cover and install the screws.

Reassemble in the reverse order as above. Unplug the unit from power outlet. Remove the firebox from the back of the mantel by removing the retaining screws which secure the firebox www. Page 12 NOTE: Dependent on the age of the unit the sock- ets may be secured with either a screw ring or a snap in socket.

Re-assemble the compact fireplace in reverse order. Trace wiring in unit.

dimplex air heater model no 6901860800 fuses full

Plug unit into another outlet or install unit on a dedicated 15 amp circuit. Page 14 Grinding or excessive noise with Moving flame rod hitting or rubbing Ensure rod is straight and mounted properly in the the heater off against internal components bracket, spinning freely away from other components.

Replace if necessary. Defective flame motor Replace flame motor www. This manual is also suitable for: Df Print page 1 Print document 14 pages. Cancel Delete.

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Sign In OR.Dimplex strives to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient by providing innovative heating solutions. Heating your home should be easy and efficient and Dimplex gives you both while ensuring perfect comfort. Choose from our wide range of styles, heating methods and sizes. Dimplex CONNEX TM wireless technology brings innovation to whole home heating and sets a new standard for comfort, energy-savings and control in residential heating.

Compact, powerful, and versatile heat with the Dimplex line of fan forced heaters. Designed to provide the heat you need in the smallest space possible. Silent operation makes convection heaters the perfect choice for living spaces and bedrooms, using natural air currents to circulate the heat throughout the room with no moving parts.

Complete your heating installation and accurately control the temperature in your home with a Dimplex thermostat or controller. Convection Heaters - Quiet and Convenient Heat. Fan-forced Heaters Compact, powerful, and versatile heat with the Dimplex line of fan forced heaters.

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Convection Heaters Silent operation makes convection heaters the perfect choice for living spaces and bedrooms, using natural air currents to circulate the heat throughout the room with no moving parts.

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dimplex air heater model no 6901860800 fuses full

Installation And Operating Instructions. ASCMA Installation And Servicing Instructions. Combi System WPM R.All Dimplex products come with accompanying instruction manuals or guides.

Technical and Troubleshooting

The product model number is located on the product model label which is attached to every product. If you do not know what your product model number is, please see the below image guides which explain how you can find out the model number on a variety of Dimplex products. Skip to main content. My basket. Find your product All Dimplex products come with accompanying instruction manuals or guides.

Search products. Can't find your product model number? Quantum Heater. Panel Heaters. Free-standing Electric Fires. The product model number is usually located on the rear of the product in the top corner.

Optimyst Cassette. Inset Electric Fires.

dimplex air heater model no 6901860800 fuses full

Electric Stoves. Large Portable Products. The product model number can ususally be found on the rear of the product in the top corner. Small Portable Products. The product model number can usually be found on the bottom of the product. Air Curtains. The product model number can usually be found on the side of the product.Our 1st choice was a 1-1 draw. Match ended in a 0-0 Draw.

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dimplex air heater model no 6901860800 fuses full

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Dimplex manuals

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